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Matt Brady
I'm Matt Brady Owner & Founder of Hills Fitness - Personalised Group Training & Bootcamps. I started this business with the goal of getting people Active, outside, exercising, moving and feeling great about themselves.

My qualifications include Cert 4 in Fitness (master personal trainer) Spin Instructor, Thump Boxing Instructor, Pilates Mat 1 & CHEK Exercise Coach. I have lectured at Filex and National fitness conventions on Fitness & Motivation. My clients have ranged from the next door neighbour through to elite & national athletes.

At Hills Fitness we use FUNctional exercise, in other words exercises that are fun and relate to the specific demands placed on your body in every day life, you will gain a greater range of flexibility, strength and endurance, not to mention the ability to raise your metabolic rate, which will in turn burn through many more calories giving you a faster way to lose those extra kilo’s!

Whether you want to lose body fat or tone your body, build serious muscle, recover from an injury, or reclaim your health and vitality, we will assist you every step of the way to get results!

You see, results are a bit like a puzzle. Whether your goals are to improve your sports performance or fitness and health, you can't see the whole picture until you have all the pieces in the right place. Let myself and the team from Hills Fitness help you achieve your results by motivating, educating and guiding you through a completely personalised and structured program.

If you want to make a change in your life for the better, come and see us. We don't just focus on exercise; our approach is holistic, so if you need nutritional advice, exercise advice or just motivation, give us call us today!

A common thread of feedback from all our clients, aside of getting their results is “It’s not what I thought it would be”

So with that in mind....Expect...the Unexpected!

Keep our Community Healthy & Active!

Matt Brady



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