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Well Hills Bootcamp is nothing like I expected! I expected to be donning war piant & running over hills. I was ecstatic to realise that I would not be yell at, but gentle pushed to my boundaries. I am incredibly excited that I have lost 8 kilos and all my clothes are now too big. I have made some wonderful friends during the last 4 weeks. It’s amazing how sore muscles really bonds people together. Bring on the next 4 weeks! Rating: EXCELLENT & BEYOND — Felicity, Westmead


Matt has an uncanny knack of making the pain FUN. He is very supportive & encouraging of everyone in the group. My partner & I looked forward to the training sessions, Thanks Matt


I never thought that I would ever get out of bed at 5:30 am to go to Bootcamp, now I wake up before the alarm goes off. The energy I feel throughout the day can't be bought in a coffee or a can!
Gabrielle, Glenhaven


I have really enjoyed this Bootcamp. I loved how the program is a total body workout - not just running like the others
Matt has a personalised approach to everyone in the group, you are not just one in the crowd. I hope I can find a program like this in S.A. Thanks Matt — Alison, Galston


 Very good i feel a lot better– Greg, Dural


Have had heaps of fun & have done things i.e. 'Run' well past a jog, that I didn't believe that I could do, Thanks Matt! — Karen, Dural


I love the fun, competitive atmosphere of the group. I never expected to make such good friends in such a short space of time. I think it is great having my physical limits pushed, I've achieved things way beyond what I thought possible – Amanda, Castle Hill
I am not a morning person so i thought a 6am start would kill me, but i really enjoy each session & find it kick starts my day – Fiona, Dural

"I finally contacted Hills fitness about four & a half months ago, my initial concern was how much personal training cost, that’s when Matt suggested I look at joining one of the groups. I just wasn't sure if a group would be worth the money. Well I can happily say it's worth every cent and then some! In fact, after seeing and feeling the results I truly believe it's worth far more than what it costs!
There has never been a session with Hills Fitness that I walked away thinking I didn't get what I paid for. I am now in better shape than ever before, I feel absolutely amazing, not to mention my golf has improved as a result as well. — Scott, Glenhaven     

If you're looking for a personal training program in the Hills District I recommend you check out Hills Fitness. Since starting with Matt I have been amazed by not only the results that I am getting, but also the results of the entire group. It's like people walk in and then a few months later they are a whole new person.  The transformation is incredible! — Rachel, Kellyville     

Matt has made the transition into fitness highly pleasurable and achievable. Using a varied approach has kept each session challenging and fun. The focus on technique and variability has made an impact on everyday activities so that I have seen a great change in my coordination, agility and fitness level not just within the class environment but in my daily lifestyle as well. Activities I previously struggled with are now so much easier, playing with my kids is much more enjoyable, and the energy I have gained has made juggling work and home life smoother. The results I have achieved in just this short time have really given a boost to my confidence and self-esteem, and Matts positive re-enforcement has made me rise to the challenges of life. I would highly recommend joining with Matt for any one at any fitness or confidence level, and with any shape or disability. – Edwina, Thornleigh


Who would have thought that I'm now in week 6 of working out! I'm really enjoying it thanks to you Matt & everyone in the group, the supports just FANTASTIC – Shaney, Dural



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