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Why use Hills Fitness?

There are 7 key reasons that really sets Hills Fitness Personalised Group Training apart from other gyms & group training classes

  1. We use a unique approach to training and equipment. No bulky machines or Treadmills! You will use a variety of equipment that makes each session unique and challenging. Yet you will never get bored!

  2. Fat Burning! Our training creates a metabolic disturbance within your body that causes you to burn calories long after the sessions have finished. This effect gives you a natural rush of energy while at the same time raising your metabolic rate. This will help you lose weight quickly, easily and naturally compared to any other diet or exercise plan.

  3. Interesting & Fun. At Hills Fitness we use FUNctional exercise, in other words exercises that are fun and relate to the specific demands placed on your body in every day life, you will gain a greater range of flexibility, strength and endurance. We encourage you to try new exercises and learn new skills. This will challenge, inspire and motivate you to be the best that you can be. You won’t find Hills Fitness training methods anywhere else.

  4. Cost effective. We have combined all the benefits and expertise of one-on-one personal training, so you get the attention of a qualified professional with the enjoyment, friendship and motivation of working out in a group, together, with others just like you All class sizes are small (between 10-16) making Hills Fitness awesome value for money while giving you the results you want.

  5. We’re not a military style bootcamp. Our sessions let each person work at the level that is most relevant to them. We never yell or humiliate anyone.

  6. Use the fundamentals of fitness. Our sessions will train you for strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, co-ordination, cardio and power. While some classes such as Spin or aerobics focus specifically on cardio – we will push the boundaries by working on all of the above components of fitness.

  7. We Guarantee our training. When you start your 4 week cycle of 12 sessions with us we will give you an assessment, then at the end we will reassess after the 4 weeks is up. If you have attended all the sessions we guarantee you will see a significant improvement to your results.

Ok I know that I said there were only 7 but as we do with everything here is a little extra

  1. Free trial. Hills Fitness is uniquely innovative. Words can’t describe exactly what it will do for you. For this reason we’d like to give you a free trial session (value $25) to experience it first hand for yourself. There’s no cost or obligation – contact us now to get started.


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